Monday, December 19, 2011

Sophomore Year: Concept Development

This was the animatic I did for first semester of sophmore year. It was part of our Concept Development class. We had to take a portion of the story of "The Weaving Contest" about Athena and Arachne and turn it into an animatic. They basically gave us the scene, dialogue, and a 30 second time limit. It was up to us to design the characters and chose the shot angles.

The idea for this animatic was to take a story that was already laid out about a frog playing the banjo and someone throwing a tomato at him. Everything else was up to us.

Frog Animatic
Carly Senora on Vimeo.

This was my thief assignment. We had to show one character trying to steal food from another character. We had a time limit too, I think it was 20 seconds. I came up with this.  

Thief Project
from Carly Senora on Vimeo.

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