Saturday, December 17, 2011

Freshman YR: Second Semesta Observational Color

We did a lot of painting in this class and I actually improved A LOT in this class, since I really didn't have a lot of painting experience beforehand.  We did these two still lifes in class.  We were only allowed to use certain colors: blue, yellow, red, and white.  We had to mix all of our other colors by hand, which was very hard.  If I remember correctly, the second still life with the bottles had a blue light on it.
These next two paintings were done for a word assignment.  We had to illustrate two words off of a list with strictly color and no objects.  My words were loudest and weakest.
This was a self portrait we did as a monochromatic painting.  I did mine with purple as my color because purple is obviously the coolest color ever.  Mine ended up looking very creepy since it was very dark.  What we did is we took a picture of ourselves, posterized it in photoshop, and then we painted from that so it looked like paint by number.
This was my final project for observational color.  We had an open project that was basically it had to do with found objects and use color.  So I decided to do mine with stop motion.  There is also some video, but it's mostly me posing objects.  My found objects were pencils, sticky notes, cough drops, a piece of cardboard, origami paper, and plastic wrap.  My concept was showing man's destructive effect on nature.

Deconstruction from Carly Senora on Vimeo.

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