Monday, December 19, 2011

Ixilti the Howler Monkey

This was a color study I did for my push pull assignment.  I was figuring out what kind of lighting I wanted for my scene. 

This is my junior year computer animation natural push pull assignment. The monkey's name is Ixilti just in case anyone was wondering.

This was my first environment I did for my Drawing for Animators class.  This was based off a scenario where Ixilti was trying to steal an old banana in a room full of gold.  This was supposed to be black and white with minimal color.

This is my junior year computer animation exaggerated push pull assignment. 
I really liked how it turned out. :D

These are some still rendered frames of Ix's expressions along with a mental ray render of his geo.

Red Tide Project.

This was an animatic I did for my ecology of water class. We had a group project about the impacts of red tide on the environment. This was the my part of the project that I did introducing karenia brevis.

Yin and Yang

This was my one minute project for my junior concept class.
NOTE: The stillframe on the beginning is the visual development I had for this animatic, my teacher had us put that before our video.

This was my drawing for animators final.  It was based loosely on this animatic above.

Seven Character Designs

These were my seven character designs I did earlier this semester for my Drawing for Animators class.  They were based on silhouette, shape, and texture drawings.

The Twilight Hour

This is my concept project from early junior year. We had to do three separate mini stories in it: a door project, a to b project, and a witness project. This was a combination of the three in a one minute animatic.

Early Animations for Junior Year

We had to animate Artie, who was already a prerigged and modeled character. We had to show three emotions. Mine were joy, suprise, and anger. My internal story was that artie was dancing to music and then someone was there watching art. Art got suprised, and at the end art was going to beat up the guy.

This is another animation with Artie. We had to show him waiting with a prop. I had him waiting for the bus and he had a hat as a prop.

Sophomore Year: Computer Animation, Second Semester

This is my quadfecta project. We used the prerigged character Artie that they gave us and we animated a finger point, walk, and a turn.

This cemetery set was for lighting and texturing practice, so everything was modeled out. We had to show two different types of day. For this one I chose nighttime. It was up to us to texture everything, light it, and animate the camera.

For the other type of day lighting I chose early morning.

Sophomore Year: Computer Animation, First Semester

This was one of our early assignments for computer animation for sophomore year, called Primitive Theater. We had to make a 10second simple animation with a story.
NOTE: If the video is frozen in the beginning for two frames, I am sorry. I really had my guy jumping into the scene, but for some reason vimeo is having issues and freezing on that frame even when I re-upload it.

This is my simple poly project. We had to design a two legged simple character. We modeled and rigged it. Then we animated it so I have a walk, jump, and a turn.

This is my Robie project. We had to model a toy and we basically had directions how to model it. I actually really like how it turned out.

Sophomore Year: Tamation

This was an animatic I did for my Writing for Young Audiences final in sophomore year. I combined drawn images with real life video footage. I used my character Tam from my earlier traditional class in this video as well. We had to tell a story and other than that, this assignment was completely open.

Sophomore Year: Concept Development PAR DEUX

  This was the work I made during my second semester of sophomore year. We had to do little projects about a nursery rhyme. Mine was the "Fee Fi Fo Fum..." rhyme. So my animatic was about a fancy British cat interacting with a lowlife pirate dog.  I used this story to illustrate different film techniques in short animatics.   This first one showed simultaneity, or showing two or more events happening at the same time and eventually converging.

This animatic showed leit motif,or a reoccurring theme.

And this animatic showed symbolism.

This animatic was supposed to be subjective and give off a mood. My idea was based on me as a little kid. There used to be a 101 Dalmatians costume in my closet and when I slept, the moonlight used to hit it and it looked like it was glowing. So I basically thought there was an evil cow in my closet and I was terrified. This one had a thirty second time limit.

This was my final animatic for the second semester of sophomore year. We had to do an animatic that was 40 seconds long. It was based loosely off the Arachne and Athena story, kind of the same idea of power and overstepping boundaries.  My story was about a fisherman and a mermaid.

Sophomore Year: Concept Development

This was the animatic I did for first semester of sophmore year. It was part of our Concept Development class. We had to take a portion of the story of "The Weaving Contest" about Athena and Arachne and turn it into an animatic. They basically gave us the scene, dialogue, and a 30 second time limit. It was up to us to design the characters and chose the shot angles.

The idea for this animatic was to take a story that was already laid out about a frog playing the banjo and someone throwing a tomato at him. Everything else was up to us.

Frog Animatic
Carly Senora on Vimeo.

This was my thief assignment. We had to show one character trying to steal food from another character. We had a time limit too, I think it was 20 seconds. I came up with this.  

Thief Project
from Carly Senora on Vimeo.

Sophomore Year: Traditional Animation

This was a character named Tam that I designed for my sophomore Traditional Animation class.  He's a wacky street performer.  This is his walk cycle and a little animation I had to do with him walking and changing emotion.
Note: For some reason these videos look like they have weird banding, but when you play them they don't, so just ignore that.

Tam Walk Cycle from Carly Senora on Vimeo.

Tam and the Ice Creams from Carly Senora on Vimeo.

And this is my realistic quadruped walk. I was going for a really slow bloodhound walk.

Realistic Dog walk from Carly Senora on Vimeo.

This is my lipsync project. I used audio from "The Emperor's New Groove" movie, from the scene where Patcha and Cuzco are hanging from the bridge. We were supposed to change the context of the audio. I really liked how mine turned out.

JF Sebastian Lipsync from Carly Senora on Vimeo.

Sophomore Year: Intermediate Figure

This is my work from Intermediate Figure.  I'll probably post some more later, since I only have a few of my portrait pieces photographed.  But this is what I have so far.  These were done in pen and one is done in graphite pencil.


This last one was a self portrait based on a photograph.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Freshman YR: Second Semesta Observational Color

We did a lot of painting in this class and I actually improved A LOT in this class, since I really didn't have a lot of painting experience beforehand.  We did these two still lifes in class.  We were only allowed to use certain colors: blue, yellow, red, and white.  We had to mix all of our other colors by hand, which was very hard.  If I remember correctly, the second still life with the bottles had a blue light on it.
These next two paintings were done for a word assignment.  We had to illustrate two words off of a list with strictly color and no objects.  My words were loudest and weakest.
This was a self portrait we did as a monochromatic painting.  I did mine with purple as my color because purple is obviously the coolest color ever.  Mine ended up looking very creepy since it was very dark.  What we did is we took a picture of ourselves, posterized it in photoshop, and then we painted from that so it looked like paint by number.
This was my final project for observational color.  We had an open project that was basically it had to do with found objects and use color.  So I decided to do mine with stop motion.  There is also some video, but it's mostly me posing objects.  My found objects were pencils, sticky notes, cough drops, a piece of cardboard, origami paper, and plastic wrap.  My concept was showing man's destructive effect on nature.

Deconstruction from Carly Senora on Vimeo.

Freshman YR: 3D Design class

These are the creations we made for my 3D Design class.  We had the group boat project where the four people in my group had to design and build a boat that could float.  We went with my coffin design and it actually worked out pretty well.  It floated and everything and we won our race at the end of the semester.

We also did a figurine of a character.  At that time, people in my dorm nicknamed "Bear Jew" from Inglorious Bastards--which was funny since I was Jewish and not at all like the overly beast man in the movie.  I put myself on a dreidel and there's gold lent candy on the floor.

This last project was to create a toy. I really enjoyed making this bag and I still use it today.  It was supposed to be based on candy, so every piece of the bag is supposed to be some sort of sweet.  You wear it like a messenger bag.  Also, the peppermint eyes/eyebrows are hooked on with velcro so you could interchange them or just take them off if you wanted.

Freshman YR: More Drawing!

More life drawing, but with a twist. Based on a set up of bird houses. DEM CATS.  Done in ballpoint pen because I love using pen and linework.

This was an environment that we took and then we added something different.  I added evil murdering seals because who doesn't like evil murdering seals.  Done in watercolor pencils.
 This last one was supposed to depict a phobia.  Mine was fear of dentists.  I actually hate dentists with a passion.  My aunt is an orthodontist so don't tell her >_>.  Done in watercolors and ballpoint pen crosshatching.  This would probably have to be my favorite piece done for my drawing class.

Work from Freshman Year: Figure Drawing and Life Drawing

These are two figure drawings from my early figure class in Freshman year.

These are life drawings I did in drawing class

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I hope you are because I'm about to massively update this puppy.  I'm going to put up my work from freshman year to junior year so far this semester.  Needless to say this is a lot of stuff. Please prepare yourself for awesomeness.