Monday, December 19, 2011

Sophomore Year: Concept Development PAR DEUX

  This was the work I made during my second semester of sophomore year. We had to do little projects about a nursery rhyme. Mine was the "Fee Fi Fo Fum..." rhyme. So my animatic was about a fancy British cat interacting with a lowlife pirate dog.  I used this story to illustrate different film techniques in short animatics.   This first one showed simultaneity, or showing two or more events happening at the same time and eventually converging.

This animatic showed leit motif,or a reoccurring theme.

And this animatic showed symbolism.

This animatic was supposed to be subjective and give off a mood. My idea was based on me as a little kid. There used to be a 101 Dalmatians costume in my closet and when I slept, the moonlight used to hit it and it looked like it was glowing. So I basically thought there was an evil cow in my closet and I was terrified. This one had a thirty second time limit.

This was my final animatic for the second semester of sophomore year. We had to do an animatic that was 40 seconds long. It was based loosely off the Arachne and Athena story, kind of the same idea of power and overstepping boundaries.  My story was about a fisherman and a mermaid.

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