Saturday, December 17, 2011

Freshman YR: 3D Design class

These are the creations we made for my 3D Design class.  We had the group boat project where the four people in my group had to design and build a boat that could float.  We went with my coffin design and it actually worked out pretty well.  It floated and everything and we won our race at the end of the semester.

We also did a figurine of a character.  At that time, people in my dorm nicknamed "Bear Jew" from Inglorious Bastards--which was funny since I was Jewish and not at all like the overly beast man in the movie.  I put myself on a dreidel and there's gold lent candy on the floor.

This last project was to create a toy. I really enjoyed making this bag and I still use it today.  It was supposed to be based on candy, so every piece of the bag is supposed to be some sort of sweet.  You wear it like a messenger bag.  Also, the peppermint eyes/eyebrows are hooked on with velcro so you could interchange them or just take them off if you wanted.

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